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 Sports Clinical Massage and Sports Deep Tissue Massage Harrogate, Knaresborough,Wetherby

Sitting, Running, Golf , Yoga   : Cycling  Stretching: Football : Tennis : Dancing : Laughing,   Singing, Swimming, Standing​...

...loving who you are!!

  Sports Remedial and Deep Tissue Massages   are  not just for sporty and active people! This type of massage has a whole range of benefits for everyone, even people who live a less active life style.


Office and desk workers and people who drive for long periods.

We have a wealth of experience to incorporate into our treatment ​sessions. 

The therapist brings together a range of techniques, knowledge, advice and experience to work effectively for optimum results. These are  applied to the areas identified in the consultation, during the treatment.


Treatments can be adapted to the client's individual needs whether they are training for an event or recovering from one and need post event techniques, or for general wear and tear.

A Sports massage uses a range of techniques , which are applied to alleviate stresses and strains brought on by over using the muscles or just general wear and tear through over use or by playing a sport or doing a repetitive activity.

Treatment Times:


60 mins or 90 mins. 

Book ::: 07903 629878


Benefits include reducing pain and tension in the muscles

Helps muscles recover from exercise,Improves range of movement, prevents injury, helps speed up recovery. 

This type of massage uses a range of techniques to work at a deeper level inorder to stimulate the muscular and nervous systems.

Helping increase  flexibility and range of movement for sports performance and general well-being.

Working on the deeper layers of muscle, encouraging blood flow and nutrients to the affected area helping muscles recover. Helping to improve muscle function, reduce injuries and increase performance.

  Treatment Times:

60 mins 

  90 mins 


Treatment time includes -

Over 10years of experience

a consultation of health and lifestyle.

Soft Tissue Techniques/Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Hot Stones

Posture correction and Alignment

Stretching Techniques ::: 07903 629878


Clients Comment's

''Rachael has fixed me (again) this week with an amazing deep tissue massage to treat a horrid muscle spasm. I couldn't turn my head fully when I WALKED in and now i'm back to normal! If you go in trapped up and sore you come out feeling relaxed and treated.

I highly recommend Rachael to anyone either for a general massage or for a specific treatment of discomfort or injury.''

` `I have had several massages with Rachael at Fusionage Therapies Harrogate Massage, most recently the sports massage after completing a half marathon . Rachael is very knowledgeable and expertly identifies problem areas, relieving pain and tension that has built up during training, I would highly recommend a visit!'  


'' I came to Rachael for some sessions to help my muscles during my training leading up to the Harrogate 10K. This really helped, allowing me to keep my training schedule going. After the event I had a few sessions to help my muscles recover.''          


`` I work many hours at a desk and find I have developed many issues with my Neck and shoulders and lower back. Rachael has been able to identify what the problem areas are through her skills and helped reduce and alleviate my symptoms which I can say continue to build up over time. Therefore I have regular sessions with her to keep on top of these on going issues.''               


Sports massageharrogate Massage, Health & ​Nutrition, Stretching, Posture Alignment


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