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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

`Balancing your body chemistry'


Harrogate Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

At Sportsmassageharrogate we have been undertaking Hair Mineral Analysis Screening for over 10 years.

What will your results Say??

 A useful screening tool measuring Nutrient Minerals that are essential to your health. Clinically proven to be effective in identifying mineral deficiencies, excesses and toxicity .

Are you feeling out of balance?

Particularly beneficial for menopause symptoms and hormone imbalances, Stress Burn out, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Blood Sugar imbalances as well as many other health conditions.

Possible Benefits of identifying and correcting your mineral levels:

* Adjusting your metabolism could help you burn more fat (loose weight)

* Enhanced and improved cognitive function.

* Promote feelings of increased physical energy and help improve your physical and emotional well-being.

* Regulate or improve endocrine activity, muscular functions, enzyme activity, cellular metabolism, nerve

conditions, alkaline balance, reproduction processes.


* Sports men or women who want to improve their physical performance.

* People suffering from Stress.

* People with intellectually demanding stressful jobs.

* Students studying for exams.

* People suffering from inconclusive health issues which they have not got to the bottom of.

Treatment Prices:

Initial appointment and the Hair Test 

Follow up Appointment with Hair Test results and consultation  

Clients Comments-

'' After having a heart scan a lump of plaque was found close to the heart, I was told to adjust my lifestyle , which I did and I was put on statins. After almost 18 months I was told that all that I was doing to correct my lifestyle had helped my condition and that I could come off my medication.  A few months down the line I did a hair MINERAL test with Rachael@ Sportsmassageharrogate. The root cause was found that I had an imbalance of calcium it was being distributed in the arteries contributing to the plaque build up I had in the first place.

From getting my personalised Hair Mineral Test results from Rachael, I was able to adjust certain minerals that were out of balance and others which were deficient and my dietary recommendations were also adjusted.

I can also get regular tests to keep an eye on any changes within the body. This did not replace my regular visits to the Dr but was rather a complimentary  avenue to use along side the GP.



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