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 Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Harrogate,Knaresborough,Wetherby North Yorkshire

for Runner's and other Sports

` I don't run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days'

Ronald Rook


At Sportsmassageharrogate-Rachael Inchboard in Harrogate North Yorkshire we have a wealth of experience to incorporate into our treatments sessions for those who are active including 5K's , 10k's, Half Marathons and Marathons.

Or for people who run for fun and enjoyment.

People new to running who are still conditioning their muscles to the sport. People suffering from shin splints, tight hamstrings, other​ problems. These are just a few of the areas we can help you with to give you a personalised treatment to suit your requirements.

We don't just treat runner's  we cater for a full range of sporty people and even if you are not.

Everyday tasks such as working at a desk for long periods . Stress and Tension can build up in the muscles which may be the result of poor posture, over use, repetitive use or from being seated for long periods.

We use a range of techniques which are applied to alleviate stresses and strains brought on by over using the muscles or just general wear and tear through playing sport or doing an activity. 


                                                                  Treatment Times:

                        Treatment time includes a consultation of health and lifestyle.

    Advanced techniques using Soft Tissue/ Deep Tissue Massage

   Posture Correction and Alignment

   Trigger Point Therapy

   Stretching Techniques

   Hot Stones

   Over 10 years of experience

                                                                                 60 mins.

                                                                                 90 mins. 

Clients who have hip  and o r knee issues as well as before and after a hip replacement operation have found our treatments invaluable.


Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Massage, Sports Clinical Massage Techniques, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Holistic Relaxation Massage, Dorn Therapy and Spinal Massage, Bad Back and Pain Treatment, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Pregnancy Massage, Posture and Body Alignment with Body Work Techniques.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage serving people from Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon, Knaresborough, Boston Spa , Leeds, Collingham, North Yorkshire


Client's Comments :  

'' Rachael gave me a fantastic Lymphatic Sports massage. She worked deep into my back, neck and shoulder muscles which has left a lasting effect and relief. I can't recommend Rachael enough!''

I came for a sports runners massage after I had done the Manchester Marathon. My legs ached a lot but it was my upper back and neck that were the worst. After the 20 mile mark I'd lost my to speak..and it was my upper body doing the work pulling me through the last part of the event. My neck locked up with strain. I was having trouble sleeping at night. Rachel was able to sort this out in one session.'


' I had a treatment with Rachael after completing the Edinburgh Marathon. I was feeling very sore and my muscles ached. After the treatment I didn't want to get up off the couch, when I did I felt fantastic, like I had a new pair of legs.'

`` I have treatments with Rachael regularly. After completing the Yorkshire Marathon, I had cut back on my running and training due to quite a few niggles. I thought this was just the after effects of completing the marathon. When I had a treatment with Rachael she could pin point specific things from my description of niggles. Finding the reason for my stiff lower back was due to lots of Trigger points in my glute's, a very tight piriformis and tight hamstring. Through her body work techniques, I felt a new person everything felt so much looser.''



  : Massage, Health & ​Nutrition, Stretching, Posture Alignment

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