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Posture Alignment and Body Work Techniques

How we sit and how we move has an impact on our body and our daily life. Making small changes can change our habits.


How we sit and how we move has an impact on our body and our daily life...

Treatment Time : 30 mins.

Add onto a Sport massage

People with stress and tension in the upper or lower back can be due to Posture and the Alignment of the body.   

If your body is out of alignment muscles will tighten up to hold what is out of place. At first this can be a niggle , the longer this persists the more tension is created in the supporting muscles until pain becomes more prominent or injuries occur. 

 This posture and alignment therapy helps with posture and body alignment issues through correcting misalignment of the spine, pelvis and joints. This in time helps to relieve all the other associated problems which can occur when the body is out of balance.

Targets common health problems including: Back Pain/Sciatica/ Neck Pain/Headaches, Migraines /Joint problems such as Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle.

The treatment starts with a leg length check. Most people's leg length can be slightly uneven; a 2-cm difference in length shows there is an imbalance in the body. Treatment works in complete harmony with the body with no forceful movements or jerks. All manipulations are done while the body is in movement allowing the muscles to be 'distracted' which allows joints to slip more easily into place. 

`Exercise is Movement but not all Movement is Exercise'


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